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Women in Utility Spotlight: Amy Murray

Meet Amy Murray

Amy has always had a futuristic outlook on the utility industry. Fifteen years ago, when she started in this industry, she was an advocate for using rights-of-ways (ROWs) as environmental assets—a concept that is just now gaining momentum among utility companies. “I model my career path and my ways to move along by observing,” she says. “If you maintain that trend and look on the horizon, you can see what people are doing and join or go in a different direction.”

Amy is an industry veteran who crossed paths with Davey several times throughout her long-spanning career. Engaging with Davey on the utility side of the industry, she found the employees to be “smart, fun, and always had their eyes on the same goals.” She joined Davey in 2019 as a project developer.

In her current role, Amy translates the conversations she has with her peers and her clients about their vegetation management goals into tangible projects that achieve those goals. She describes her job as both creative and practical; she can use her expertise to solve real problems that are important to communities, the economy, and the environment.

As a woman in the utility industry, Amy observes there is more work to be done to level out the playing field. In her own career, she says she kept her eyes on the prize and got back up every time she fell down. “Success has a lot to do with persistence,” she says.

As for other women who may be interested in pursuing a career in the field, Amy says that there are facets of working in this industry that are appealing to almost anyone, regardless of skill set. “You just have to get onboard and make it the ride you want,” she says.