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DRG’s System Inventory Helps Create More Efficient Operations in Durant, Oklahoma

Southeastern Electric Cooperative

DRG used Futura software to collect detailed information for Southeastern Electric Cooperative and create a connectivity map of their service area.


The Challenge

Up-to-date inventory data is critical for a utility company for many reasons. For Southeastern Electric Cooperative, updating inventory data was necessary to improve the reliability and efficiency of service for their roughly 11,000 members outside of Durant, Oklahoma.

Southeastern Electric Cooperative partnered with Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) to perform a comprehensive inventory of their assets, including utility poles and electric equipment.

The Solution

The inventory kicked off in March 2019. Southeastern Electric wanted an entire inventory of their system assets, all the way down to the consumer level. DRG crews used Futura software to obtain data on 7 substations, 22 circuits, 70,000 utility poles, and 11,000 customers’ meters - all collected on foot by DRG crews.

DRG layered the data with GIS mapping and built a full electric connectivity model with the final product. The connectivity model shows where each utility pole, underground connector, and meter is located in Southeastern Electric’s service area.

The Results

The inventory was completed in 12 months, wrapping up at the beginning of 2020. Using the full connectivity model, Southeastern Electric is able to manage outages, perform engineering analysis, and create staking work orders with ease.

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