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Wolf Tree and Davey Crews Work Smart to Stay Safe While Returning Power to Chattanooga Residents

Chattanooga EPB

After a devastating tornado hit Chattanooga, Tennessee in April 2020, Wolf Tree and Davey relied on safety protocols to restore power for EPB customers.


The Challenge

In mid-April 2020, Chattanooga, Tennessee was hit by a severe, 1,500-yard-wide tornado that traveled for 9 miles. Winds over 130 mph caused devastating damage to the city, with at least 150 homes and businesses affected by the storm and at least 130,000 911 calls.

Wolf Tree, Inc., a Davey company, called in reinforcements from two other Davey offices to send a combined total of 111 employees to clear downed trees to help make way for repair crews who could restore power for Chattanooga EPB.

The Solution

Davey and Wolf Tree crews joined forces with EPB crews and others from across eight states to restore power to EPB customers. Before starting work each day, crew members went through a safety briefing to discuss potential hazards.

For this storm restoration project, one major potential hazard was generators used by residents. Generators can energize power lines, causing a risky situation for crews working to repair them. By following Davey protocol, crews were able to determine which homes were using generators and ensure the lines connected to those homes were properly de-energized before working on them.

The Results

EPB had to re-energize three substations, rebuild 812 utility poles, and replace 709 transformers to restore power to Chattanooga EPB customers. EPB also had to restring 125 miles of power lines.

With the help of Davey and Wolf Tree, EPB was able to restore power to their customers quickly—and safely—after the destructive storm.

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