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Software Solutions

Davey Resource Group (DRG) had developed a line of customer-centric software solutions to meet your asset management project needs. Our intuitive technology grants clients access to data whenever and wherever they need it. Each component of DRG’s data collection software allows clients to maximize productivity and operations.

ESRI-Based GIS Application

DRG uses a universal ESRI-based application for data collection during GIS inventories and verifications. We’re able to collect and manage utility data in the field while using our ESRI-based data collection tools.  Field data can also be synced on a daily basis back to the utility default GIS. This day-to-day syncing capability gives utilities the flexibility to schedule field checks and construction of work orders in a more efficient manner.

The DRG data collection application can use professional-grade GPS receivers, combine photos and features, and document progress in the inventory or verification process. DRG’s partnerships with a wide range of utility industry software vendors allow us to easily integrate our data into the application our client currently uses.

Rover Mobile Mapping Software

Rover is a GIS field data collection system built by Davey Resource Group.

The software both collects data and processes data validations. Rover spatially joins features such as points, lines or polygons with GIS layers in order to derive data. The tool’s GPS capabilities allow it to merge nearby camera hardware with the tablet computer to attach photos to features and render data on top of Google Terrain Maps, Google Hybrid Maps and Open Street Maps (when Internet connection is available.)

Rover’s on and offline functionality gives field technicians the ability to directly distribute information to clients. Data uploads or electronic forms are transmitted to clients in real-time through Rover’s companion pieces, myRowKeeper and RowKeeper Mobile.

myRowKeeper and RowKeeper Mobile

myRowKeeper is the user-friendly, web-based companion to Rover designed for comprehensive reporting, analysis, and project tracking. The online interface grants clients access to detailed field data that can be sorted or filtered and custom reports that can be converted into CSV or PDF files. myRowKeeper puts all your project data in one place and instantly updates as field technicians curate data in a web-enabled environment.

myRowKeeper can be accessed from any web browser, or from a smart phone that is connected to the Internet using RowKeeper Mobile. The platform is the most efficient way for DRG to directly share information with clients on a consistent basis.

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