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  Soil Care Treatment Services

Healthy Soils Grow Healthy Trees and Plants

It's estimated that 80% of above-ground problems with plant life can be traced back to unhealthy soils. That’s why a great deal of our work begins by examining what’s underfoot. Davey SoilCare® is a holistic, sustainable approach to helping restore plant health and symmetry. Healthy trees and shrubs are less susceptible to damage from diseases, insects and stressful weather. They also provide better blooming and luxurious foliage, all while adding value to your property.

Three components create the optimal balance for healthy soil:

  • Chemical: Minerals, nutrients, salt content and PH
  • Biological: Fungi, bacteria, roots, arthropods, other thing living in the soil, plus litter and organic matter
  • Physical: Bulk density, aeration, texture and structure of the soil

The best way for our arborists to recommend how to deal with issues in your landscape is by testing your soil to see which characteristics need attention. Because each property is unique, different services are used to correct soil problems.

Davey offers solutions such as:

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