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lawn aeration service

Lawn Aeration & Overseeding Service

Lawn aeration service helps restore your lawn’s youth and vibrancy

Lawn Aeration (Core Aerification) is an essential practice that allows your lawn to rejuvenate and heal from excessive drought and foot traffic while promoting healthy soil quality and thatch decomposition.

Davey Tree’s lawn aeration service breaks up the interface, or overlap of different soil types or sod, and promotes positive conditions for turfgrass growth and development. The process helps air and water penetrate deep into the soil, which encourages deeper root growth and better turf quality. This aeration provides a much healthier and vibrant lawn and landscape as a whole.

Lawn aeration service with over-seeding or slit-seeding

Seeding your lawn during the core aeration process is the perfect time to thicken your turf and help prevent unwanted grasses and weeds. We provide both over-seeding and slit-seeding which involves generously spreading new lawn seed across the service of your lawn or mechanically cutting grooves into the soil and depositing seeds for optimal soil/seed contact.

Your local Davey expert can help design a game plan to maximize the health and beauty of your landscape. Learn more about the benefits of lawn aeration or Find your local office below and request a consultation today.

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