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Stream and Wetland Permits and Delineation

Wetland Permitting and Delineation

Davey Resource Group helps navigate federal, state and local regulations enacted to protect wetlands and waterways. As a component of site identification and due diligence, DRG scientists will identify all regulated streams and wetlands on a site.

DRG’s experienced team will complete the proper applications to ensure general or individual permits are obtained in a timely manner, helping to avoid expensive delays.

DRG has extensive stream and wetland permitting experience across the country with a variety of projects, ranging from single-family homes to large residential subdivisions, and from oil and gas pipeline construction to the development of hospitals and other commercial properties.

Specifically, DRG can provide expert assistance with:

  • Wetland and stream delineations
  • Water resource quality assessments 
  • Section 404, Section 401 and Isolated wetland permitting
  • Wetland mitigation design and monitoring 
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Environmental monitoring data organization and analysis
  • Surveys and management plans
  • Geospatial analysis, modeling and design
  • Riparian buffer evaluations and functional assessments
  • Remote sensing and land cover mapping


DRG’s staff has a deep understanding of the Clean Water Act. In particular, our experts are well-versed with Section 404, allowing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to grant permits for dredge and fill activities within Waters of the U.S., and Section 401, which gives the state environmental agencies authority to ensure that a project does not negatively effect water quality.


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