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Watershed Planning Services

Watershed Planning Services

Davey Resource Group, Inc. has extensive experience helping clients manage valuable water resources through expert watershed planning.

What is watershed planning?

Creating a watershed plan can help create or retain quality standards to protect the water and the plants and animals that live in the water. By creating a plan, you can better manage water resources and further understand the overall conditions and the stressors of those conditions in the watershed.

DRG’s team includes biologists and scientists who develop watershed management plans (WMPs) and project feasibility studies for streams, lakes and full watersheds. We regularly work with federal, state and local government agencies to ensure compliance with guidelines, and we incorporate priorities of key stakeholders when drafting design plans. These often are used to obtain eligible grant funding.

DRG’s watershed planning services incorporate the latest training and technology and include:

  • Collection and analyzation of water quality, water chemistry, habitat and other data
  • Mapping of streams, wetlands and other bodies of water, incorporating use of GIS data
  • Utilization of the Spreadsheet Tool for the Estimation of Pollutant Load (STEPL) to assess sediment and nutrient pollutant loading
  • Identification of critical areas for targeted preservation, enhancement or restoration
  • Development of comprehensive WMPs
  • Facilitation of public involvement meetings to identify critical areas and draft and present a WMP

DRG is dedicated to providing clients the reliable watershed planning services that they need with the quality they deserve.

 Read more about our work in Watershed Planning in one of our Project Profiles:

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