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Davey Resource Group helps the Syracuse, NY, city forester bring together local stakeholders to prepare an urban forestry master plan.

Project Narrative:

Syracuse contracted Davey Resource Group to prepare an urban forestry master plan. The project involved organizing several meetings that brought together stakeholders ranging from private citizens to city officials and contractors. We also worked closely with the Onondaga Earth Corps (OEC), a local not-for-profit organization, to organize the substantial public outreach that informed the master plan. OEC organized public meetings throughout the city to ensure all voices were heard and their input was considered for the plan. The end results of this comprehensive plan are to quantify the value of the city’s urban forest, propose a multi-year management plan, and aid the City Forester in advocating for reformed zoning laws and guidelines. 

Through our comprehensive analysis of Syracuse’s urban forest, we were able to calculate that the city’s 27% of tree canopy cover provides the community with an estimated $9.1 million in annual benefits.

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