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Muny Outdoor Stage - St. Louis, MO

After moving and installing new trees at the Muny outdoor stage in St. Louis, MO, Davey Resource Group, Inc.’s (DRG) consulting arborists continually monitor tree health and work with partners to improve site conditions.

Project Narrative:

This project initially started back in 2015 when DRG staff was brought in to assess the condition of trees located at a historic outdoor stage in St. Louis, MO prior to some planned improvements to infrastructure. After it was determined that a good portion of the existing canopy would need to be removed DRG was then solicited to spearhead the transplant, installation, and long-term maintenance of seven new trees to be installed at the location. This project has involved working with the design team, and area contractors.

Today, DRG continues to work with the Muny and their partners on the establishment and maintenance of their existing and future tree resources. DRG collaborates with its aforementioned partners to continuously improve site conditions that lend to better tree health and vigor. Consulting arborists cyclically monitor tree health and work with partners to improve the effectiveness of irrigation facilities unique to location, soil composition, and tree species.

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