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DRG completed a three-phase project for Presbyterian Homes that restored 900+ linear feet of shoreline to reduce erosion and promote a healthy, native ecosystem.


Project Narrative:

In 2019, Davey Resource Group (DRG) installed 300 linear feet of BioD-Block along Lake Johanna’s shoreline at Presbyterian Homes. BioD-Blocks are interlocking coir fiber blocks used to create vegetated soil lifts along eroding shorelines. This raised the grade and increased long-term slope stabilization. Native plugs were installed through the BioD jute netting and native seed was installed in designated planting areas.

A paver patio and seat wall was constructed along the shoreline to invite residents to sit alongside the new plantings near the lakeshore. The patio, placed in close proximity to the existing boat launch, allows for multiple groups of residents to use the space at the same time.

The second phase of the project, completed in 2020, includes 600 linear feet of 12” erosion control logs along the shoreline and a 10-15’ deep native buffer planting area spanning the length of the logs. A third phase proposes a rain garden and additional native vegetation to be installed uphill from the lakeshore to capture and infiltrate stormwater from the adjacent road.


This project allowed DRG to utilize soil bioengineering tools such as BioD-Block and erosion control logs to mitigate shoreline erosion while also fostering new areas for the residents to engage with the landscape.

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