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Tree Assessment for Quinlan Park Road, Travis County, TX

Quinlan Park Road Tree Assessment

Davey Resource Group was hired by Green Civil Design to evaluate existing assessment resources and provide a tree assessment report to rank and recommend maintenance for street trees along Quinlan Park Road’s water line improvement project area in Travis County, Texas.


Project Narrative:

Green Civil Design (GCD) contacted Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) to help with a street tree evaluation along Quinlan Park Road in Travis County, TX. GCD is an engineering firm hired by Travis County for a water line improvement project on Quinlan Park Road.

DRG began the tree assessment with an evaluation of the existing Travis County Tree Evaluation form that was provided to GCD to create values for each tree during the water line improvement project. DRG’s project manager for this assessment provided additional support for this form to help GCD discover the origins and definitions of the form. DRG researched the Austin Municipal code to find additional information for each of the ten assessment categories: Condition, Type, Trunk Size, Aesthetics, Energy Conservation/Heat Abatement, Safety, Adjacent Trees, Water Quality Protection/Soil Conservation, Wildlife Habitat, and Historical Significance/Age.

DRG began on March 3, 2022 and took approximately a week to complete almost 600 tree evaluations and the accompanying report. The data entries in the form added the ten values together to rank each tree Low Value (11 to 22), Medium Value (23 to 32), and High Value (33 to 44). A report with a spreadsheet was provided to GCD and submitted to Travis County.

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