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Davey Resource Group helped Ottawa County Landfill in Ohio restore wetlands on a previously farmed site as part of a regulation compliance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Ohio EPA.

Project Narrative:

The Ottawa County Landfill wetland restoration project is providing mitigation for wetland impacts associated with the expansion of the landfill. In accordance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Ohio EPA permit requirements, restoration of wetland was implemented on a previously farmed site. 

To restore hydrology on the site, DRG, and our sub-consultants–Marks Construction, Inc. and TGC Engineering–disrupted existing farm tile, excavated depressions throughout the area, and constructed shallow berms to slow drainage through the site.

Our team continues to provide the following services for Ottawa County’s Landfill:

  • Permitting wetland impacts through USACE and the Ohio EPA.
  • Design of wetland mitigation plans and approval through permitting agencies.
  • Project construction and oversight. 
  • Dissemination of 230 pounds of native wetland seed with cover crop and straw.
  • Selection, purchasing, and installation of approximately 10,000 trees and shrubs in containers, bare roots, and live stakes.
  • Monitoring and management of the wetlands to ensure that they meet permit-specified performance standards.

Following completion of construction activities, the site was stabilized with seed and straw. In spring of 2018, the site was planted with a variety of native, woody plants. 

Through these efforts, the hydrology of the site has been restored and a diversity of plants have been installed. DRG’s experienced biologists will continue management and monitoring of the site for a total of 10 years to ensure attainment of permit goals and conditions.

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