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Tree Assessment and Tree Care Services for Integral Care, Austin, TX

Integral Tree Care Assessment

Davey Resource Group teamed up with Davey Tree’s Residential and Commercial (R/C) office in Austin, Texas to perform a tree assessment and maintenance recommendations on 39 trees on the Integral Care campus. Davey’s local R/C office was then hired to perform the recommended tree work.


Project Narrative:

Davey Resource Group (DRG) performed a tree assessment on 39 trees on the Integral Care campus in Central Austin. The assessment included tree condition, tree structure issues (i.e. codominant stems, epicormic branching, root/soil issues, etc.), mulching recommendations, and pruning/removal recommendations.

DRG delivered an Urban Tree Canopy Analysis and Tree Assessment Report following this assessment. Originally, some small trees were not included in the survey, but were included later. A number of trees in poor condition were also flagged for our client, following the original report, to delineate which trees were set aside for treatment or removal.

This client was referred to DRG through the Davey Tree Expert Company’s Residential and Commercial (R/C) office for consulting work. Keeping with our ONEDavey practice, we then referred Davey R/C to perform the necessary tree work. DRG’s professionals always maintain the goal of providing excellent solutions to our clients. Our client contact, Matthew, was very happy with our work and pleased to keep the job within one company.

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