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Town of Concord, MA

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) conducted a tree inventory of nearly 30,000 sites in Concord, MA and used the data to produce a management plan that helped the town plan, prioritize, and budget for their urban forest.

Project Narrative:

DRG has been a consistent and ongoing partner for the Town of Concord, Massachusetts, in support of their urban forestry goals. In the past several years, we have completed a tree inventory, an urban forestry management plan, and created a tree planting program with significant input from the community.

DRG completed a town-wide street tree inventory for the Town of Concord, consisting of nearly 30,000 inventoried sites. Using the collected data, a management plan was produced to aid Concord in planning, prioritizing, and budgeting. Concord had the data delivered in TreeKeeper® 8 software to assist the town in effectively and efficiently managing the town’s existing urban forest. DRG has managed tree planting projects for the town and has provided ongoing arborist consulting services including tree risk assessments and reports using Level 3 methodology.

DRG has also worked with the Town of Concord to further develop its municipal tree planting program which includes trees planted within public rights of way and on private property within a twenty foot setback area adjacent to the town’s rights-of-way.

DRG provided input on a list of recommended trees from which residents could choose, which considers attributes such as species adapted to thrive in a changing environment, species diversity, resistance to pests and diseases, and those that are likely to offer the most benefit to the urban forest environment. DRG arborists work with Town personnel and residents who have requested trees to be planted on their property within the setback area to evaluate site conditions exist, and should favorable conditions exist, DRG procures, plants, and maintains the trees throughout the warranted period.

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