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Graduate Hotel and Conference Center - Cincinnati, OH

Davey Resource Group used gray and green infrastructures to solve stormwater issues at the Graduate Hotel and Conference Center in Ohio.

Project Narrative:

Cincinnati’s Graduate Hotel and Conference Center (GHCC) contacted Davey Resource Group (DRG) to assist with their stormwater issues. The front entrance to GHCC was receiving runoff from the adjacent plaza, driveway, and parking garage, and water exceeded the plaza drains’ stormwater capacity—an issue that was compounded by mulch and sediment eroding from a large planting strip adjacent to the driveway.

In response, DRG implemented a three-part solution:

  • Excavate the planting strip above the parking garage, clear drains, and add lava rock to store water and improve drainage. Decorative gravel was used to replace the mulch, which had been washing out and clogging drains below.
  • Construct two bioinfiltration swales to contain the stormwater and remove pollutants. The swales store water that then infiltrates into the soil. The swales were planted with native decorative plant species which thrive under both wet and dry situations. Decorative gravel was used in place of mulch to natch the swales to the planting strip above the parking garage. Bioinfiltration swales remove pollutants as the water moves through plants and soil and reduce stormwater runoff by infiltration and evapotranspiration by the plants.
  • Relocate a drain in the plaza to capture additional water.

Through this combination of gray and green infrastructure solutions, DRG was able to solve the stormwater issues at GHCC and improve the appearance of the front entrance and plaza. The project installation was completed in 2019 and DRG is contracted to provide continuous maintenance and monitoring as well as quarterly inspection reports of the green infrastructure and bioinfiltration swales.

“We contacted Davey Resource Group to see if they could assist with our stormwater problems. Davey Resource Group came up with a design and built the project on time and within budget. The bioswales are attractive and are effective in managing our stormwater.” -Mike Bennett, Building Manager, Graduate Hotels

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