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Villas at Mitchell Lake Buckthorn Removal

Buckthorn and other woody invasive species infested 3.3 acres of woodlands belonging to a homeowners association along the Mitchell Lake shoreline. In 2020, Davey Resource Group was contracted to remove the invasive plants and installed a native woodland seed mix to provide more species diversity while still protecting the shoreline from erosion and pollutants.


Project Narrative:

Part of the Mitchell Lake shoreline is protected by a conservation easement through the City of Eden Prairie to maintain a natural wooded buffer that will capture sediment and pollution before reaching the lake, improving water quality as well as providing much-needed habitat and forage for wildlife and pollinators.

Buckthorn and other woody invasive species had infested 3.3 acres of woodlands in front of an HOA along the shoreline. The invasive species were diminishing the quality of the shoreline by overcrowding native Oak trees, shading out native ground cover vegetation, and blocking residents’ view of the lake.

In 2020 Davey Resource Group, Inc. removed the buckthorn and other woody invasive species. The material was cut and treated via chainsaws and handheld brush cutters. Stumps were treated with herbicide to prevent regrowth and material was disposed of on-site via burn piles. The following spring, DRG installed a native woodland seed mix to increase competition for returning invasive species as well as provide more species diversity within the shoreline habitat.

DRG will perform follow-up foliar treatments every year for a minimum of five years to establish long-term control of the invasive species and promote native species establishment.

This project was partially funded through a grant provided by the City for removing invasive species and improving ecosystems.

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