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Stream Restoration

Davey Resource Group working with a team of engineers and landscape architects assisted the City of Kent to remove a dam and restore a section of Plum Creek, a tributary of the Cuyahoga River. The Plum Creek Reservoir was created by the city-owned Filtration Plant Dam built in 1887. The reservoir and dam bisected the upstream and downstream reaches of Plum Creek. Sediment transport, a normal stream function, was interrupted upstream of the dam, resulting in significant and chronic sedimentation within the reservoir. In addition to presenting barriers to fish migration, the dam and downstream culvert are in decline and disrepair. The project reunited the two reaches, restoring approximately 2,000 linear feet of Plum Creek, and included removal of the dam and replacement of the deficient culvert.

The project also included walking paths, stabilization of riparian streambanks, and a deep off-line pond planted with native floating plants to impede algae growth and increase floodplain storage while maintaining open water wildlife habitat. An amphitheater was constructed from carefully harvested historic cut sandstone at the base of the dam that was removed.
Davey, working with the project team, prepared a conceptual plan to restore the stream channel to a more natural state and enhance the riparian area. The plan included various elements, such as hard armor, and installing in-stream habitats, such as riffles and pools. Davey’s planting plan included native seed mixes, shrubs, live stakes, and trees selected to stabilize the streambank, enhance the riparian area, and restore wetland functions within the riparian area.

Davey provided technical support throughout all phases of the design and construction process, from the conceptual design phase, to the final stage of detailed construction drawings and specifications, and throughout construction. Davey Resource Group provided cost estimates for portions of the restoration work as well as implementation of the planting plan.
Davey, working with the project team and the City of Kent, provided construction oversight of the in-stream structures and assisted with in-field design/construction decisions. Davey Resource Group staff directed the placement of all in-stream structures, including riffles, grade control structures, pools, and hard armor. Large, glacial erratic boulders unearthed during construction and endemic stone were incorporated into the stream channel to provide additional water quality attributes, improve oxygenation, and create scour pools and other micro-/macro-habitat, in-stream features.

Davey International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborists ensured all plant materials, including trees, shrubs, live stakes, and seed mixes, were properly sited and installed.
The project will result in improved water quality and creation of biological habitat, while re-establishing historic sediment transport and fish passage in Plum Creek. Davey Resource Group is a proud participant of this project and is excited to watch the continued biological transformation of Plum Creek.