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Ohio Stream Restoration

The design/build team of Davey Resource Group, TGC Engineering, LLC, and Marks Construction, Inc. was contracted to work with Chagrin River Watershed Partners and Lost Nation Golf Course to develop a stream restoration plan that would improve a section of Ward Creek (a seasonal salmonid tributary to the Chagrin River) which flows through the golf course.
This 2,900-linear-foot section of Ward Creek bisects fairways on the golf course and so the restoration plan needed to address erosion and water quality issues while providing an aesthetically pleasing and playable riparian corridor.

This portion of Ward Creek had a maintained grass riparian buffer which led to instability of the streambanks, thus causing erosion and source sedimentation downstream of the golf course. The Davey Team completed modeling and worked with the project team to develop a plan that both appeased the Chagrin River Watershed Partners’ goals of increased habitat, riparian buffer, and floodplain; while at the same time addressing the golf course wishes of a low-maintenance, short-grass prairie in playable areas, fixing the erosion and increasing aesthetic value.

The Davey team decided to install bendway weirs to protect the streambanks; riffle structures to provide habitat and grade control; and a re-vegetation plan that produced an aesthetically pleasing riparian buffer.

Davey Resource Group provided the following: project management to ensure that the schedule and budgets were followed; management of subcontractors; completion of the initial ecological surveys; completion of permitting and design assistance; construction oversight; and all planting. This project was designed and constructed in 2013–2014.