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Invasive Vegetation Control

Davey Resource Group provided invasive species management services to The Nature Conservancy on the Holden Tract of Douglas Woods Nature Preserve located within Ostego and Richland townships in Steuben County, Indiana. The Holden Tract is an approximately 662-acre section of the Douglas Woods Nature Preserve near Hamilton, Indiana. Target locations within the Preserve included a degraded forest and a higher quality forest corridor. The target areas were 15.3 acres and 64.1 acres, respectively.

Woody invasive species were found throughout the target areas. Species selected for management included Ailanthus altissima (tree-of-heaven), Eleagnus umbellata (autumn olive), Ligustrum vulgare (privet), Lonicera spp. (Asian bush honeysuckle), and Rosa multiflora (multiflora rose). Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard) was also treated. The project goal included 90% target species control for all target species throughout the treatment areas.

Working in a sensitive high-quality natural area required a careful treatment approach. Rodeo®, an herbicide approved for use in aquatic areas including wetlands, was applied via backpack sprayers. All Davey applicators are trained biologists with knowledge of Indiana’s native and invasive vegetation communities. Applicable pesticide licenses issued by the State of Indiana are held by staff and crew leaders.

Invasive species treatment methods used included:

  • Basal bark treatment
  • Cut-stump techniques
  • Foliar treatment