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Engineering Feasibility Study

Davey Resource Group was retained by Lake James Association to conduct an Engineering Feasibility Study funded by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) Program. The project’s purpose was to identify, evaluate, and determine the feasibility of potential projects in the middle Croxton Ditch watershed in Steuben County, Indiana, that could improve the water quality.

Currently, Croxton Ditch is extensively channelized allowing water and associated pollutants to quickly move downstream. Restoration of Croxton Ditch on the Lake James Golf Course was determined to be a feasible project based on an assessment of ecological benefits and impacts, landowner willingness, cost, and permitting requirements.

Davey Resource Group partnered with Gensic Engineering, Inc. developed a design to create bench wetlands with a prairie buffer adjacent to Croxton Ditch that will slow the flow of water during storm events allowing for sediment and nutrient filtration prior to Croxton Ditch discharging to Lake James. Meanders and rock riffles were also incorporated into the design to slow the flow of water and improve in-stream habitat quality. Davey Resource Group secured state and federal permits necessary for implementation. Cost estimates were provided allowing the Steuben County Surveyor’s Office to apply for and be awarded grant funds to implement the project.