Know Your Risk Factors Before the Next Storm Hits Your Course

Water performs many critical functions on a golf course. From ponds and streams that add challenge and beauty to a hole, to serving as one of the most life-sustaining ingredients for turf, flowers, and trees, water is critical to the game of golf.

Water damage is the second most common type of insurance claim for golf courses and clubs. Water events can cause devastating and costly damage to buildings, golf course topography, irrigation systems, as well as turf, soils, sand areas, landscaping, and existing water features. Corrective actions can interrupt your golf business for days or even weeks.

A Water Damage Prevention Assessment assesses the water features on your property to identify risks associated with water events like floods. The audit identifies steps to prevention, so you can mitigate flooding damage before it occurs and facilitate the process should you need to file a water damage claim.

Overland Water Flow Audit

It is critically important to understand and manage the flow of water within and across a golf course. Water that moves rapidly through swales and ravines can cause soil loss and pond and stream decline. The faster water moves the less opportunity for infiltration, which directs more water to storage reservoirs and the overall drainage system. Overtaxing these systems can lead to backups, water moving to unintended places, and other damage.

An overland water flow audit helps you understand the risk of interruptions from these events and make informed decisions regarding insurance coverage and infrastructure investments.

Pond and Stream Environmental Analysis

Many ponds and streams on golf courses are not natural, or they have been significantly modified from their original forms to serve other important functions. Ecologically balanced and sustainable ponds and streams can be a powerful component of overland water flow and irrigation system operations and efficiency.

Using topographical mapping and other tools, our professional water damage auditors will determine the cost and severity of potential storm impact on your water features and other property feature assets.

Master Site Sustainability Audit

Major water events are highly challenging and difficult to predict, and they can carry significant economic impacts. Beyond disruptions to the course of play, water is an expensive resource when purchased through municipal water systems, and a single major event can threaten compliance with stormwater regulations.

Learn your property’s potential for water-related environmental issues, and ways to mitigate risk through a comprehensive sustainability audit. Beyond immediate and corrective actions, this service helps you understand how plants, soils, and water function together on a property, and how they can be modified over time to save money and mitigate risks.

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