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Winter Services at Cleveland Clinic Hospitals

With a rigid zero tolerance policy, the health care industry demands the most effective snow and ice removal program from their provider. Davey’s snow and ice management services has met and exceeded these expectations for the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, where our commercial grounds management team has been the snow and ice management provider since 2013.

How does Davey comply with the Clinic’s zero tolerance policy?

Cleveland Clinic’s zero tolerance policy requires the Davey crew to remove snow and ice from all walking, driving, and helipad surfaces. Zero tolerance for snow and ice management at the Cleveland Clinic includes:

  • On-site snow workers are staffed during business hours and during weather events where snow is predicted at 30% chance or greater.
  • Davey also stocks deicing agent, maintains dedicated snow removal equipment, and works from a satellite office at each Cleveland Clinic campus for the season.
  • Davey crews monitor the weather round-the- clock and manage all winter events without the Cleveland Clinic property managers picking up the phone.

Despite its proximity to the Snow Belt of Northeast Ohio, the Cleveland Clinic maintains their reputation as one of the top hospitals in the world by being committed to the accessibility of facilities for patients, workers and visitors. “Due to our emphasis on patient and employee safety, we have very stringent and demanding requirements for snow removal,” writes Mario Cammarata, grounds administrator at the Cleveland Clinic. He continues, “I am very happy to say that Davey Tree performed exemplary service for years at all of the accounts they maintain for us.”

After a first year, one location contract, the Cleveland Clinic has brought on Davey to manage the snow and ice for 5 of their largest campuses, in part due to strong performance in back to back snowy winters of 2014 and 2015.

Davey's work at the Cleveland Clinic was featured in Snow Business Magazine. Read the full article online.