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Municipal Services

Invest more in your backyard.

Truth is, the urban forest is as important as stoplights, roadways and fire protection. It, too, is an essential community service. It is the public’s shared backyard—and it can help make or break a community.

We don’t just manage “the tree problem.” We help you identify and predict risks, plan canopy growth, promote tree health and seek project funding.

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What is a tree worth? (Plenty.)

With a planned, proactive approach to managing the urban forest, you’ll not only optimize your municipality’s social, economic, environmental and public health benefits, you’ll also reduce the risk, liability and hassle associated with dropping limbs, lifting sidewalks, improper pruning and a whole lot more.

Public tree management

Proactively plan, protect and manage valuable community assets, thanks to the innovative ideas of our urban foresters, professionally trained arborists and other experts.
» Urban Tree Canopy Analysis
» Grant Writing
» Green Infrastructure Planning
» Insect & Disease Management
» Lightning Protection
» Management & Master Plans
» Premium Tree Selection/The Davey Nursery
» Pruning & Hazardous Tree Removal
» Tree Inventories
» Tree Planting & Maintenance
» TreeKeeper® Software
» Consulting Foresters

Trees reflect community character.

Here’s why you should rely on Davey as a trusted partner.
» Research: We pioneered and set the standard for scientific tree care.
» Expertise: Our certified arborists preserve tree health and appearance.
» Funding: We help find funding, including writing grants for you.
» Solutions: We’re dedicated to making your municipality morelivable.

Invasive species aren't going away.

Emerald ash borer (EAB) is simply one example, but it highlights the need for a strategic approach to invasive species management.

We have written more invasive pest management plans than anyone in North America, and we have protected more trees in more cities than anyone in North America.

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