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Polaris Founder's Park: 2015 NALP Winner

Polaris Founder’s Park is a privately funded park designed to pay homage to the man responsible for envisioning and developing Central Ohio’s largest mixed-use center. Critical to the project is continual adherence to the same strict landscaping and architectural standards set forth by its “parent,” the 1,200-acre master planned development.

This 1.5-acre park, located in Delaware county in central Ohio, features a pagoda, Japanese-style gardens, Colorado-inspired evergreens, waterfalls, a pond, and a 35-foot kinetic wind sculpture. The landscape also includes trees, shrubs and plants, tended by an eight-person professional landscape crew from Davey.

The trade areas that the park resides in houses a Class A office complex, a retail mall/lifestyle center, and high-traffic state interchange. The result is extremes of all types: noise, pollution, foot traffic, climate and more. Coupled with the sometimes regionally and horticulturally incompatible east-meets-west theme, the challenges really begin to add up: plant health concerns, irrigation timing, insubstantial mowing clearance, and biodiversity considerations for plant replacements and/or expansion.

Davey’s professional landscape team implemented a weekly professional maintenance routine. No-mow zones are offset with frequently mowed zones, which require the use of varying mower sizes to accommodate available space. Selective pruning helps prevent such issues as cedar-apple rust on the Hawthornes, while proper pruning helps maintain the client-preferred Asian-style look on evergreens. Tree fertilization, annual mulching, seasonal mulch cultivation, and pest control monitoring round out the mitigation and maintenance plan.

2015 NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals) Property Award Winner