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Babcock Ranch: 2020 NALP Award Winner

Since 2005, Babcock Ranch has been building a one-of-a-kind community centered around innovation and sustainability in sunny Punta Gorda, Florida. Located on over 17,000 acres of nature preserves, the booming community offers residents amenities such as a downtown walking area with shops and restaurants, a community pool and fitness center, a K-8 school, walking trails, and more.

Babcock Ranch is a mini-city that continues to grow exponentially. With 500 homes and counting, Babcock Ranch understands the value of curb appeal for potential homebuyers. That means pristinely manicured turf, mulched areas, trees, and shrubs that thrive in Florida’s challenging climate.

The amount of maintenance Babcock Ranch requires to remain picture-perfect calls for a strict schedule. Performing routine maintenance during early mornings hours helps Davey crews work without interrupting the daily activities of residents and visitors. By using battery-powered equipment, crews can decrease noise levels and stay in line with the property’s sustainability goals. With all the trimming, weeding, mulching, and pruning happening daily, porter services are essential to keep walkways and public areas tidy. Davey crews also plan work schedules to avoid the community’s main street during school drop off and pick up times where traffic bottlenecks.

Babcock Ranch prides itself on sustainability. The property is located on a nature preserve and the developer wanted to reduce environmental impact by selecting local plant species and protecting important ecological site features like wetlands and forests. The community’s landscaping guidelines limit turf coverage to 30% and require the use of native, low-impact trees and shrubs for 75% of their landscaping. The site focuses on renewable energy and reduced carbon footprint, and the common areas feature solar panel trees, electric vehicle charging stations, and free-to-use multi-person bicycles. Davey understands the client’s commitment to environment-friendly practices and continuously helps Babcock Ranch meet their eye-catching landscaping goals in the most sustainable way possible.

In October 2020, Davey Tree was recognized by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) with a Gold Award for their work maintaining Babcock Ranch’s outside spaces. Davey is proud of its role in making Babcock Ranch a sustainable, scenic living space for residents and visitors.

View Davey's work on the Babcock Ranch property below.