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Help Your Trees Survive the Drought

Droughts are tough on your trees.
Learn how to be water-wise and keep your trees thriving in all conditions. 

Trees and water are both precious resources. There are several important factors to consider during a drought to protect both of them. By watering wisely and carefully maintaining your trees you can enjoy a wide range of benefits at a low cost and with little effort. 

During a drought be sure to consider the following:

  1. Are you watering the right amount?
  2. Are you watering in the right way?
  3. Are you watering in the right place?
  4. Are you watering to the right depth?
  5. Are you conserving and recycling water?
  6. Are you watering at the right time?
  7. Are you wasting water?
  8. Are you watering what is most important?

If you are worried about the drought harming your landscaping this season, contact your local certified arborist for a consultation or download the PDF below for more information. 

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