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Benefits of Your Lawn

Your lawn provides innumerable environmental benefits. By keeping it healthy you will be supporting everyone around you. 

Your lawn is the foundation of your landscape. Let us help you take care of it so you don't have to settle for anything less than a healthy, vibrant, green turf. 

Your lawn does more then you know. Read about some of the benefits here.

  1. Filters water, making it 10 times less acidic than water running off of a hard surface
  2. Reduces heat by 20-30 degrees
  3. Improves air quality by catching pollutants 
  4. Cleans the air by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  5. Provides for and habitat for birds and small mammals
  6. A 50' x 50' area generates enough oxygen for family of 4
  7. Controls erosion from wind and water
  8. Reduces noise levels by 20-30% more than hard surfaces

Learn more about how having a healthy lawn can benefit you by contacting your local certified arborist to request a consultation and download the PDF below for more information. 

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