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Your Lawn: Let It Breathe

Let Your Lawn Breathe

Cores from aerification

When it’s nice outside, your lawn hosts games of tag, family picnics and dashes through the sprinkler. It’s a wide open space for parties and other gatherings—but to remain a good party host, your lawn needs some room to breathe. Core aerification can help.

Core aerator

TLC for Your Lawn

Is your lawn looking weary from excessive drought or foot traffic? Core aerification helps rejuvenate your lawn by removing small bits of thatch and soil, promoting greater pore space, air and water movement and therefore better root growth and healthy turf. It also promotes microbial activity and thatch decomposition.


Timing is Everything

Consider aerifying your lawn any time during the growing cycle to achieve the best results, but contact your local Davey professional to determine the most appropriate time for your lawn.

Revive Your Lawn

Aerification provides a makeover of sorts for your lawn. It breaks up the interface, or overlap of different soil types or sod, and promotes better conditions for turfgrass growth and development. The process helps air and water penetrate the soil, which encourages deeper root growth and better turf quality and health.

Learn more about aerification and how it can positively benefit your lawn by contacting your local certified Davey arborist today!

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