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White Pine Weevil

Are new needles on your evergreen growing in brownish-red? Or have you noticed the top of the tree is brown, drooping or curved?

White pine weevils may be causing those changes.

Are White Pine Weevils Hurting Your Trees?

Here’s the basic info to help you identify if white pine weevils are hurting your trees.

  • Susceptible Trees: As their name suggests, they do prefer Eastern white pine trees. Often, they also attack blue, Norway and Serbian spruces. White pine weevils also can harm red, pitch, jack, Scot and Austrian pines. On occasion, they’re found on Douglas firs. If you have an evergreen, there’s a chance it could attract white pine weevils.

  • First Sign: In late March or early spring, you’ll see a shiny, sticky droplet directly below your evergreen’s bud.

  • Damage: Come mid-June or early July, you may notice the top of your evergreen is curling and appears dead. Often, this looks like a Shepard’s crook. Stems will continue to grow in deformed. Each weevil attack reduces tree height growth by 40 to 60 percent each year. While they do stunt tree growth, white pine weevils do not kill your tree.

  • What Is It: The white pine weevil is a dark brown beetle with white and burnt-orange spots. They lay their eggs from late April through early June. From late July to early September, those eggs emerge as adults.

Management & Treatment Options

Your best course of action is to prune trees before mid-July to remove the pests’ eggs. You can also band your trees or apply an insecticide to manage white pine weevils.

If your evergreen appears to have white pine weevils, contact your local certified arborist to make a treatment plan so your evergreen can grow tall and strong once again.

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