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Two-Spotted Spider Mites

Spider Mites

Two-spotted spider mites are difficult to control. They’re a pest to more than 150 different plant species. You can avoid spider mite encounters with these tips from your local, licensed Davey tree service professional.


Summer weather is the ultimate casting call for this tree and landscape pest, as two-spotted spider mites are particularly difficult to control during hot, dry periods. They’re tiny and easy to overlook—and they reproduce at record-breaking rates. A new adult female produces nearly 100 eggs!


As with any tree and landscape pest, monitoring is critical. Check your plants for signs of spider mite activity. Look for a white-flecked, stippled appearance and leaf drop. Sometimes fine, silken webbing will appear. Stressed plants suffer branch dieback and can become aesthetically challenged. Not quite sure if you’re seeing mite damage? Your local, licensed Davey tree service representative can help you decipher the clues.


Here’s some advice on keeping spider mite damage under control. Frequently inspect your plants and their leaves. Thoroughly cover both sides of the leaf with a proper product. Be aware that harsh products have resulted in spider mite outbreaks and may have adverse effects on predators. Once again, expert advice can help here – if you are unsure of the effectiveness or impact of any product, contact your local, licensed Davey tree service representative.

Contact your local certified arborist for a consultation if you are worried spider mites may be infecting your landscaping. 

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