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Tick Control

Tick ControlDid you know that ticks are most active at the beginning of fall? Those who study and treat lyme disease say that tick bites often occur in one’s own yard. Reducing the tick population on the property surrounding your home is your best defense against tick-borne illnesses for you, your family and your pets.

Tips to Help Reduce Tick Populations:

Pruning - Ticks live in the damp and humid areas of your yard, such as stone walls, overgrown gardens as well as wood and brush piles. We can help to reduce humidity on your property by pruning your shrubs, resulting in improved light and air circulation.

Fencing - Construct physical barriers to deter deer from entering your property. Deer repellant sprays may also be applied onto the plantings around your home to keep deer away. Consult with your certified arborist regarding this service.

Yard Planning - Make your property less attractive to other tick-hosting animals by moving bird feeders and bird baths away from areas frequented by people. General fall clean-up (clearing brush piles, weeding gardens, and mowing lawns) will also help give them fewer places to hide.

Proactive Treatments - Davey also offers a tick management program to keep your loved ones protected. Ask your arborist more about this program.

There is no need to avoid the woods or your outdoor space. You can still enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle as long as you know how to properly take preventative measures against these pesky pests.

Contact your local arborist today to schedule a consultation. Don’t let ticks drive you indoors.

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