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Proper mowing at the correct height and frequency is an important practice in maintaining a healthy lawn.

Just a Little Off the Top

Proper mowing height depends on turfgrass type:

Turf Lawn Mowing Heights

Cutting grasses too short decreases their energy, root development and plant vigor, making them more susceptible to damage from foot traffic, pests and environmental stress. Remove no more than one-third of total leaf length in a single mowing.

Lawn Mowing

Stay Sharp

Dull mower blades tear grass leaves, causing a whitish-tan discoloration of turf tips. Sharp, balanced mower blades produce clean, green cuts that can better withstand stress. Sharpening blades twice a year as a spring and mid-season ritual in northern climates and every other month in southern climates is also a sustainable practice because it prolongs mower life by reducing vibration and fuel consumption.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Save time and needless disposal costs by leaving grass clippings on the lawn. Here, they decompose and provide valuable, natural nutrients for plant growth.

Contact your local certified arborist for advice or help keeping your lawn mowed and in it's healthiest condition. 

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