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The Davey Difference

What Makes Davey Different

Many things differentiate Davey—integrity, safety, expertise, improvement, leadership, and resolve. But Davey’s values aren’t the only things that make Davey different.

We take pride in The Davey Difference, the passion that drives our employee-owned company. While it’s impossible to describe our culture in a few paragraphs, here are a few examples of what we mean when we say “The Davey Difference”:

  • Our dedication to earning accreditation and certification
  • Our drive for delivering exceptional client service (DaveyCare℠)
  • Our commitment to a safe and productive workplace
  • Our ability to serve public-sector clients, federal, state and local

Employee Ownership

Davey Tree is Ohio’s largest employee-owned company and the thirteenth-largest in the nation. Adapted from a speech to the Ohio Center for Employee Ownership in 2014, The Davey Tree Expert Company Chairman and CEO Karl Warnke talks about the five hallmarks of a successful ESOP strategy.

Company Licenses

Davey is proud to maintain the appropriate business licenses as required by each state. These can be viewed below.

  • The State of California – License #694001
  • Charleston, West Virginia – License #WV008580
  • Nashville, Tennessee – Charter #1351
  • Memphis, Tennessee – Charter #140
  • Portland, Oregon – License #170721
  • North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - HIC #PA012328
  • North Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - HIC #PA012555
  • East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - HIC #PA012555
  • South Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - HIC #PA012574R
  • Wilmington, Delaware - HIC #PA012580
  • King of Prussia, Pennsylvania - HIC #PA014068
  • Brandywine, Delaware - HIC# PA117467
  • Stamford, Connecticut - HIC.0627997
  • Hamden, Connecticut - HIC.0627997

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