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Davey pleased to support tree research through educational sponsorship of Tour des Trees

Tour des Trees

More than $365,000 was raised by 60 cyclists from around the world as part of STIHL Tour des Trees, America's largest fundraiser for tree research. Davey was proud to be Educational Programming Sponsor for the Tour.

During the weeklong event, held in conjunction with the annual International Society of Arboriculture Conference & Trade Show, Davey donated "Welcome Spring!" children's books to libraries and educational programs along the tour route, as well as sponsored “Ask the Arborist” and tree education activities.

The cyclists, which included five representatives of The Davey Company, rode 500 miles through northern Illinois. They were Josh Behounek, Beth Buchanan, Thom Kraak, Jack McCabe and Don Roppolo.

Tour des Trees II

Since its inception in 1992, the Tour has generated more than $4.8 million and has funded a host of diverse projects to address invasive pests, urban planting challenges, tree biomechanics and worker safety.


To learn more, please visit www.stihltourdestrees.org.

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