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Davey Institute to host Tree Biomechanics Symposium

Why do some trees stay upright in a storm while others fail?
How decayed is too decayed?
Can I prune a tree to prevent ice damage?

The Davey Tree Expert Company will host a Tree Biomechanics Symposium, sponsored by The International Society of Arboriculture, on Aug. 26 and 27 with support from the TREE Fund. Sixteen research teams from North America, Europe and Australia will present research findings, demonstrate field research and outline areas for future inquiry.

The symposium will be held at The Davey Institute on Davey's corporate campus in Kent, Ohio, and the company's research facility in nearby Shalersville.

The science and practice of arboriculture are filled with tree biomechanics questions. Unfortunately the answers for many are not always readily available. Tree Biomechanics Symposium is a unique scientific endeavor intended to fill some known research gaps, foster collaboration among those in the field, and expose practicing arborists to the experimental process.

Program partners include The Davey Tree Expert Company, TREE Fund, Busy Bee Services LTD, Utility Arborist Association, Arboricultural Research and Education Academy, USDA Forest Service, Ohio Chapter ISA, Sherrill Tree, and Stihl.

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