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Understanding Trees and Boundary Lines

Trees and the law can bring about complicated questions. 

R.J. Laverne, a board-certified master arborist and registered consulting arborist with The Davey Tree Expert Company, recently shared insight on these sometimes complicated matters with Akron Beacon Journal readers.

For instance, a property owner who finds limbs from a neighbor's tree hanging on his property has the right to trim that part of the tree or roots, but if that action causes the tree to decline, he may have overstepped his legal rights. And a tree with trunks split on two properties belongs to both homeowners. Laverne explains more in a "Talking Trees" video.

Usually, any legal issues involving trees can be solved with good communication between neighbors, in addition to having a qualified, professional arborist give solid advice and provide creative solutions to conflicts.

Read the story "Neighbors' fallen tree gives Akron man lesson in insurance, liability" in the Akron Beacon Journal.

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