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Tree Inventory Is Under Way

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Published: April 25, 2013


An inventory is under way to determine the location, species and health of the trees in the city park system.

Davey Resource Group, Kent, Ohio, will provide arborists to conduct the inventory at a cost not to exceed $10,000.

Trees will be visually examined and measured for diameter four feet above the ground, identified by species and location.

Pacific Park Board President Stephen Flannery III said board members want the study to maximize the health and appearance of existing trees and to plan for future plantings.

“By knowing which trees are where and which trees grow well together we can pick the best species for future plantings,” he said. “It would help us avoid a monoculture disaster like the old Dutch elm disease that wiped out entire tree populations in some communities.”

The city received a Department of Conservation grant to pay for the work.

Davey Resource Group was selected for the contract from a list provided by the department.

Arborists will visually examine approximately 1,250 trees and stumps in the mowed and manicured area of the park and recommend measures to enhance the beauty and health of trees while attempting to reduce risk.

The inventory also will include all hazardous trees, ash trees and trees greater than 12 inches within the natural areas.

Once the trees have been examined, a report in GIS form will be prepared for the city — pinpointing the exact location of each tree.

Inventory information will be delivered as i-Tree Streets, ESRI shape file and or geodatabase, an Access database and Excel spreadsheet, including one bound, color copy and one electronic PDF copy on CD-ROM.

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