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Tips for caring for, choosing trees

In this article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chris Heim, district manager of Davey's Atlanta office, talks about tree maintenance and curb appeal. 

Posted: July 11, 2015

By Lori Johnston

Trees can be a beautiful and burdensome feature for homeowners. Mature trees can sell a home buyer on a property and enhance an outdoor area, but aging trees can be a costly endeavor and even create disputes with neighbors.

Atlanta arborist Chris Heim has spent 30 years taking care of trees in Georgia, including historically significant trees, and providing maintenance in the form of fertilizing, mulching and lightning protection. Heim, manager of the Atlanta office for The Davey Tree Expert Co., chatted about tree maintenance and removal, as well as curb appeal.

Q: What can homeowners do with their trees to create more curb appeal?

A: We get a lot of calls from Realtors to inspect trees on a property. One of the biggest things we find in Atlanta, because we have so many trees, is they block the view of the home from the street. Sometimes the trees dwarf the house and make it look a lot smaller. Properly pruning the trees to get a better vista of the home from the curb is really good. Obviously identify and remove any trees that are dangerous or are dying. Another thing is to keep the trees properly pruned away from the home.

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