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Daniel Hunsicker is featured in this piece by PBS. Hunsicker talks about the care for trees in a drought and how Davey goes about administering care to trees in this area.

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In THIRST, Women & Their Work presents their largest and more challenging installation to date. THIRST looks back and memorialize the loss of over 300 million trees that died in Texas in the drought of 2011. It will also look forward to encourage an exchange of ideas about the impact that a scarcity of water will have on Texas and beyond. It is the goal of THIRST to make the horrific loss visible while encouraging viewers to consider their relationship to water, our most precious resource. Aldo Leopold, the father of conservation ecology, said we must learn to “think like a mountain” when considering the balance of an ecosystem. But how can we learn to think like a drought?

To watch the video, click here.


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