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Salem Oak Tree celebrates centuries of preservation this past Arbor Day

In this article from the News of Salem County, Jerome Ocker, Sales Arborist for Davey's Philadelphia office, tells readers about caring for this historic oak tree. 

Posted: May 4, 2015

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Beings we did not properly recognize Arbor Day this past Friday April 24th, 2015, we figured that it is better late than never to share a special story in properly acknowledging and celebrating Arbor Day 2015! We have one of the most historic trees in the United States right in our back door in the Salem Oak Tree.

City of Salem – Among a couple other trees in an old Quaker cemetery in the Northern end of Salem City, sits one of the nation’s most famous and, known, oldest trees: the Salem Oak Tree. This past Friday April 24th we celebrated Arbor Day, and we here at The News of Salem County felt it appropriate to inform our readers of the centuries of preservation methods that have evolved and been provided to the Salem Oak Tree over the past centuries and into the present day that has allowed for it to continue to stand and grow.

Beings many of us do not have a tree that is over 5 centuries old in our back yard, we are not aware of the skills and knowledge that have been needed since pre-colonial times and still are needed today in order to keep the tree alive and flourishing for the years to come. Rest assure one thing, our tree is in the best hands it can possibly be in with it being preserved and managed by Davey Tree out of Ohio.

Davey Tree is a company that is quite unique and whose history only goes hand in hand with it being the rightful and most-qualified current arborist and provider of care for the tree. Here is a slice of the company’s history from their website www.davey.com:

Founder, “John Davey moved from Somersetshire, England, to Ohio in 1873, the country was in a severe depression. But Davey’s skills with plants and dedication to tree care and conservation quickly became well-known, and he was never short of work.

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