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New Study Finds Trees Reduce Crime in Urban Cities

In this News 12 Westchester story, Jeff Hillman of The Care of Trees, a Davey company, describes all the benefits of adding and caring for trees in urban areas.

Hillman works at The Care of Trees office in Mount Vernon, New York.

Posted: October 1, 2018

NEW YORK - A new study shows that trees can help reduce crime in urban cities.

The New York Restoration Project study spanned more than 10 years and focused on urban communities in New York City.

The findings showed that areas that increased the number of trees saw up to 200 fewer felonies per year.

Arborist Jeff Hillman from The Care of Trees says one of the reasons this holds true is because caring for parks removes disorder and sends a message to residents that the community is valued.

Click below to watch the video or here to keep reading.

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