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Money doesn't grow on trees, but Davey's reputation grows with them

In this article from Crain's Cleveland Business, Sandra Reid, vice president of corporate communications and strategic plan administration at Davey, tells readers about the importance of raising awareness for proper tree care during drought. 

Posted: August 18, 2015 

By Judy Stringer 

As Californians rein in water usage and let lawns go golden in the face of a debilitating drought, trees are going neglected. Many are becoming diseased or dying.

One Northeast Ohio tree-hugging company is not going to sit idly and watch that happen, however.

Kent-based Davey Tree Expert Co. recently was among the organizations helping to launch the Save Our Water and Our Trees campaign in partnership with two Golden State nonprofits, California ReLeaf and Save Our Water.

Together, the organizations are raising public awareness and providing educational materials about proper tree care during the drought.

Lawns can go dormant and will rebound, said Sandra Reid, vice president of corporate communications and strategic plan administration at Davey Tree, but that is not the case for trees, which may suffer from drought stress.

“Residents and businesses are cutting back on water use because they have to, but they don’t want to lose trees, especially mature trees that have been growing for decades,” Reid said. 

The employee-owned company provided an undisclosed amount of monetary support to the Save Our Water and Our Trees campaign, as well as its expertise. The goal is to make it clear to Californians that trees still need water and relate strategies to provide that resource responsibly. 

“Typically in these types of situations, we’re sharing our expertise and knowledge for use in whatever communication materials are going to be developed, whether it be multimedia tools or presentation tools or press releases,” Reid said. 

In the California campaign, for example, a Davey Tree arborist appears in a video demonstrating how to properly water trees. Davey also provided information for the Save Our Water website. 

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