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It’s Arbor Day! Do You Know How Much Your Trees Are Worth?

SuperMoney.com featured an Arbor Day article with tips from Davey on maintaining the trees around homes and how they can increase home values. 

By Julie Bawden-Davis

Posted: April 25, 2014

The next time you step outside into the soothing shade of a tree, know that Mother Nature is giving you much more than shade. As a matter of fact, trees are a gift that keeps on giving. 

Some descriptionSome descriptionSome description“Whereas many home items like roofing and siding depreciate in value over time, trees contribute increasingly more value to your property as time goes on,” says R.J. Laverne, a board-certified master arborist at The Davey Tree Expert Company. “The right tree properly maintained can live 100 years or more and increases in value every year.” This seemed like an appropriate post for Arbor Day 2014!

Trees increase home values

Studies show that real estate values are impacted by the presence or absence of trees. “Data shows that buyers are willing to spend three to seven percent more on homes with ample trees versus few or no trees,” says Laverne. A 2010 study done on the value of home landscape trees in Portland found that the presence of street trees increased the sale price of homes by an average of $8,870.

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Generally, the bigger a tree grows, the more it is worth, which is why older trees tend to be pricier. A variety of factors play into the value of your tree, including its size, health, the tree’s distance from your home and its species. Fast-growing trees like cottonwoods tend to die young, so they aren’t worth as much as slower growing species, like oaks.

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