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How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree

In this Angie's List article, Chris Heim, district manager of Davey's Atlanta office, tells readers how they can dispose of their Christmas tree responsibly this year. 

Posted: Jan. 5, 2016

With another holiday season in the books, it’s time to take down the tree. But instead of letting your tree take up space in a landfill, put it to good use this year and reuse or recycle it. Before recycling your tree, be sure to remove all non-organic decor, such as lights and ornaments. Branch out from your normal routine by trying some of these reusing and recycling ideas for your tree. 

Christmas tree recycling

Real Christmas trees are biodegradable, meaning they can be turned into mulch. With approximately 4,000 recycling programs available across the U.S., recycling your real Christmas tree is easy and great for the environment.

Contact your municipality or recycling center about local tree recycling. Most municipalities collect trees in the two weeks following Christmas.

At the Bring One for the Chipper program in Atlanta, more than 6 million trees have been recycled for local playgrounds, outdoor projects and wildlife habitats since the program started more than 20 years ago. Find out what happens with the recycled trees in your community.

Can’t take the tree somewhere yourself? Look into nonprofit organizations that will pick up your tree in exchange for a small donation.

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