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Great Gardening: Much to share after gathering of garden writers

In this article from The Buffalo News, Davey Tree is mentioned as a developer of the National Tree Benefit Calculator. 

Posted: August 15, 2014

By Sally Cunningham

Imagine four days surrounded by book authors, news columnists, magazine writers and photographers, talking day and night about plants, gardens, gardening and horticulture careers.

Some descriptionThat was my experience in Pittsburgh last week at the Garden Writers Association conference – with 420 writers from Quebec, Florida, California, Texas and all regions of the country. We honed communication skills, looked at new products and explored some hefty horticulture topics. Then we toured gardens. We also talked about you – our readers, fellow gardeners and the generation we hope will dig in the trenches behind us. I came home stimulated, inspired and ready to share these morsels with you.

Science illiteracy and plant blindness

Horticulture education is more important than ever before, according to keynote speaker Paul Redman, executive director of Longwood Gardens. We face jarring world crises as ecological systems collapse, natural habitats disappear, water becomes the challenge of the decades ahead and farms struggle to survive. Many urban populations dwell in “food deserts,” with little access to fresh produce.

We need scientists and science writers desperately, yet science illiteracy is the trend. Evidence of adult ignorance about science is rampant. Most children study plant science only in kindergarten through grade five. No wonder the flow of students through the horticultural science pipeline is weak and undergraduate enrollment in four-year horticulture programs is decreasing.

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