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Going green... It's easier than you think!

In this article from House2Home, Davey's Matt Morgan tells readers how they can plant trees with the intentions of energy savings. 

Published: August, 2014 

By Susan Belknap

Installing solar panels to harvest the sun’s energy for electricity is not new. But recent technological advancements have made installing solar much easier and less costly. According to Jonathan Bass, vice president of communications for SolarCity, www.solarcity.com, homeowners can have solar installed without any upfront costs.

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“We have eliminated so many barriers that have prevented people from solar with a program we pioneered in 2008 where homeowners just pay for the power they use,” Bass said. “ ere are no installation costs and we provide a performance guarantee. We even have a monitoring system that provides updates on how much electricity your solar is producing.”

Bass said solar is the most abundant source of energy and considering the water shortage in California, an added advantage of solar is that it doesn’t require any water to produce electricity. It’s clean energy and good for the environment. 

Speaking of California’s water shortage, replacing your water-hogging lawn with waterless grass is another way to save money and the environment. Nick Cone, retail sales manager for CastleLite Block, www.CastleLiteBlock.com, said today’s artificial grass looks extraordinarily real, and is maintenance and water-free. In addition to turf, CastleLite Block features pavers that reflect heat and are cool to the touch making them environmentally friendly as well. 

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