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From the Ground Up: On the lookout for potential tree damage

In this article, Daily Local News featured Chris Miller, district manager of Davey's King of Prussia office, discussing options other than removal for trees beginning to topple. 

Published: April 17, 2014

By Pam Baxter

February’s terrible ice is far behind us and the temperatures are finally back to their seasonal norm, but a threat to trees still remains. The softness of the soil due to snow melt and rain is turning out to be too much for many trees. Some of them are simply toppling over. And we could be seeing this for some time to come.

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As a homeowner with trees on your property, what should you look for and what can you do if you spot trouble? I spoke last week with Chris Miller, the district manager of the King of Prussia office of Davey Tree Experts.

 “As you look at the base of your trees, the main thing to watch for is, is the ground heaving?” said Miller. But just because a tree shows signs of starting to topple, or even if it has gone over a good deal already, this doesn’t mean the tree has to come down. Miller said, “We ask, is there a target?” That is, if the tree falls, will it hurt or kill someone, or cause damage to a house or other building?

“We’ve had people who’ve had one tree go over, and they get worried, and they want us to cut down all the trees on their property.” Miller pointed out that this is not a good idea, and he and his crews do their best to talk people out of this option.

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