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February's deadly freeze gives rise to zombie trees across Texas

In this Houston Chronicle article, Matt Petty from Davey's South Houston office talks about how Texas could lose trees by thousands, if not millions, due to zombie trees. 

Posted: August 9, 2021 broken tree limb

Zombies are in your yard, in parks and along roadsides and other green spaces throughout Texas. 

They're trees that are partly dead and partly alive, struggling to move forward and waiting for the next big thing - even hotter temperatures, a drought, a hurricane - to seal their fate. 

Count zombie trees as one more lingering effect of February's winter storm.

Arborists and other tree experts say that in the month to come, the state could lose thousands if not millions of trees ranging from tall Mexican or California fan palms to a wide range of hardwoods such as lace bark elm, Chinese tallow and water oak. This would be the most dangerous threat to Texas's tree inventory since the 2011 drought. 

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