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Fast Growing Shade Trees: An Interview with Davey Tree Experts

In this blog post from Home Garden Joy, Mario Cipriano, district manager of Davey's Northern Virginia office, talks about some good tree choices for folks in Virginia. 

Posted: August 15, 2016

By Jeanne Grunert 

Welcome to the first of our expert interviews! This month, we spoke with Davey Tree Expert District Manager Mario Cipriano to ask questions about choosing and caring for fast growing shade trees for your Virginia home. Mario works in the northern Virginia office of Davey Tree Expert, a company dedicated to tree care.

Fast Growing Shade Trees: Interview

Home Garden Joy (HGJ): Many people shop for trees in the fall. Most want fast growing trees. What species do you recommend for the average Virginia suburban home?

Mario Cipriano (MC): Below is a list of medium to fast  growing shade and ornamental trees suited for a typical suburban property.

  1. Shumard oak
  2. Pin Oak
  3. Overcup oak
  4. Sawtooth oak
  5. Swamp chestnut oak
  6. Willow oak
  7. River Birch (Fast growing Ornamental/Shade tree)
  8. Bur oak
  9. Red Maple
  10. Crepe Mytle (Fast growing flowering ornamental

HGJ: What should homeowners take into consideration when choosing a location for a tree?

MC:  Take the amount of sunlight, ground vegetation and hazards like wires or pipes into consideration. Plant at least 15 feet away from your house, sidewalks, driveways and other trees.

Allocate enough space in the yard for your new tree to grow. Consider its mature height, crown spread, and root space. A fully grown tree will take up much more space than your tiny sapling. Look up to make sure a fully grown tree won’t interfere with anything overhead. Certainly make sure that you call Miss Utility at 811 or 1800-257-7777, as it is the law when doing any kind of excavation.

HGJ: What kind of tree care should homeowners provide for fast growing trees?

MC: Proper pruning can make a world of difference. Removal of dead, dying, interfering, or weakly attached limbs can greatly reduce the risk of damage caused by ice and snow loads in the winter and failure due to high winds during the growing season.

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